New Things On The Horizon

by Dr. Lauren Sierra Thomas

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It has been a joy visiting with you over this past year on my blog.  I hope you’ve discovered food for thought, tidbits of information to stretch your mind.  I know I have.

Over the next months,  I’m taking time off to regroup and plan my next step to better serve you in the blogosphere.   I look forward to returning with even more relevant content and improved opportunities for interaction.

Thank you for your support.  I’ve learned a great deal from you, my readers, and have a genuine fondness for the relationships I’ve developed here.

I’ll see you soon!

In the meantime, be well, and may you experience the best relationships ever.

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Our Home

Never the Spirit was born; the Spirit shall cease to be never;

Never was time it was not;

End and Beginning are dreams!

Birthless and deathless and changeless remaineth the Spirit forever;

Death hath not touched it at all, dead though the house of it seems!

– The Bhagavad Gita

Your Sense of Spirit/Soul

What do you believe about the human soul or spirit?  Do you feel a part of you remains after leaving your body behind? What is it that remains?

How have you come to your beliefs?

I don’t know about you, but for me I need to have a direct experience or sense of knowing for something to feel real to me.   That means an element of mystery and not knowing is part of the human condition.   What makes something “real” to you?

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The “No Fear” Slogan Has Hypnotized Us Into A Lie

We’ve all heard the famous “No Fear” slogan.  Isn’t it amazing how an advertisement can get inside our head and wreak havoc?  I mean, really, who are we kidding? I don’t know about you, but personally I don’t trust anyone who pretends they have no fear!  KNOW FEAR, though, makes me want to snuggle up and get closer.

I think of a little ditty on a piece of driftwood a friend made for my dad.  He had it hanging on the wall of his cabin in Islamorada in the Florida Keys.  It said:  “Drink for you know not whence you came nor why.  Drink for you know not where you go nor when”.

I don’t know about the drinking part, although that was certainly the flavor of the week in the Florida Keys for decades.   But, what about the “you know not where you go nor when”?

Spiritual and religious beliefs notwithstanding, the specter of death in itself is enough to cause a significant amount of fear and trembling in we mortals.

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Have You Ever Been Struck By Cupid’s Arrow?

You probably know the story of Cupid and his strange arrow.    The arrow that can strike at any moment causing you to fall instantly and helplessly in love. Have you ever been struck by Cupid’s arrow?
If so, do tell.  We love to hear stories about romantic love and how it came into being.
Ah, [...]

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Kids: The Only People It’s Okay To Hit

I watched a great comedy routine a couple weeks ago by Louis CK.  He made a great point in a funny way:  Kids are the only people it’s okay to hit.
Obviously, children are the most vulnerable among us.  They’re the smallest.   Yet, they’re the only ones we’re allowed to hit.
Who made up that rule?  [...]

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The Day I Was Mean To My Dog Bacchus

The Magnificent Boy
As I walked along the ocean today I wept as I recalled the day I was mean to my dog Bacchus.
Bacchus was a remarkable being.  I looked at every animal shelter and dog rescue around the Bay/East Bay Area in San Francisco and Oakland for 3 months before I found him.  The day [...]

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Are You Addicted To Drama?

Let’s face it, we’re addicted to drama.
The Many Faces Of Drama
Our fascination and love affair with drama takes many turns.  Not only do we seek it out in the news and movies (after all, a huge category in films is DRAMA), but often in our personal lives as well.
For example, years ago I left a [...]

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