What’s Your Take on the Human Spirit?

by Dr. Lauren Sierra Thomas

in Loving Your Life

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Never the Spirit was born; the Spirit shall cease to be never;

Never was time it was not;

End and Beginning are dreams!

Birthless and deathless and changeless remaineth the Spirit forever;

Death hath not touched it at all, dead though the house of it seems!

– The Bhagavad Gita

Your Sense of Spirit/Soul

What do you believe about the human soul or spirit?  Do you feel a part of you remains after leaving your body behind? What is it that remains?

How have you come to your beliefs?

I don’t know about you, but for me I need to have a direct experience or sense of knowing for something to feel real to me.   That means an element of mystery and not knowing is part of the human condition.   What makes something “real” to you?

I’ve had many moments, though,  of coming in contact with a sense of presence, of great mystery if you will.  The nameless that remains when thought ceases. The presence that sits within the stillness. An overwhelming experience of love and peace.

While I can’t define it, I am comforted by those moments and accept that there is tremendous mystery and that we humans don’t know it all. Doesn’t that make the ride all the more wonderful?

These moments of presence tend to occur during yoga, meditation, a near-death experience, or anything that opens us to life on a larger basis than our “small” personal concerns.

What Does It Mean To You?

If you do sense there is something that exists beyond the confines of your body, how do you experience it?  What creates that opening in your life?  How do you experience these glimpses?  And what does it mean to you?

Explore Our Earth, The Universe, The Oceans

I suggest that you explore the miracle of being human on a planet that is orbiting the sun in space, in our universe.  Watch videos about the earth, the universe, and our knowledge of the vastness of space.  We now know that BILLIONS of universes exist!  Explore the vastness of the oceans and nature, all the different life that exists on this planet.

An exploration of these things opens you to the wonder of it all and the opportunity you’ve been given to inhabit a body on this planet!

A Paradox Of Life

Next, reflect upon the fact that there is no other YOU.  There never has been and never will be.

A paradox of life is that we are unique individuals and yet intricately connected with all other humans and with our planet, as well as the universe itself.

Remember To Remember

It is easy to forget these remarkable rememberings when we become caught up in our everyday lives.  Our focus diminishes to only personal concerns and we fail to consider the “larger picture”.  Yet, this larger picture is cause for WONDERMENT and CURIOSITY, two qualities that enhance our lives considerably.  Remember to remember. At the point of remembrance we embrace our connection to others in our own communities and around the world.  We embrace our stewardship toward all living things and our earth.

What Purpose or Meaning Do You Attribute To Your Life?

What does your life mean to you?  What meaning do you attribute to life itself and your life in particular? Do you feel you have a purpose?  Are you in touch with your purpose?

I’d love to hear your thoughts regarding these questions about inhabiting your body and that part of you that may exist beyond the boundaries of your body.   Feel free to mention the possiblity of parallel universes and quantum mechanics/physics!

Be well, and may you experience the most uplifting sense of spirit and the best relationships ever!

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